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Sandwich are is generally simple food and quick and easy to make. people make sandwich by adding in between or in inside of bread some sauce, meat, fresh or fried vegetables. Mostly sandwich are make in breakfast or any body take it in their lunch box. Sandwich are specially loved by kids and they take sandwich with them to school ad college's.we ca also take sandwich to work place as they are very easy to handle. whenever we are in rush or hurry we can quickly grab bread and some vegetable with some tomato sauce or mayonnaise and make sandwich to eat  and also take anywhere like picnic or any parties. sandwich's are made in many was like grilles sandwich, toasted sandwich, simple sandwich and many more. sandwich's also have many flavor like sweet, sour, spicy and many. sandwich,s are also divided in may ways and tasty like ham ham and cheese sandwich, cheese, Indian, french, basic and many other. sandwich is tasty mouth watering treat to every one.

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